Tuesday, October 24, 2023

That's the Way the Cookie...


So, the hottest thing in the Paducah area seems to be Crumbl Cookies.  It’s been rumored to be opening for months.  It finally opened last Friday the 10th and my understanding is that it’s been packed ever since.  I’ve been told there is always a line out the door into the sidewalk. 

I’ve never had a Crumbl cookie.  Our son brought some over last weekend, and they were really good.  He also took our granddaughter last Friday to get some.  They are very large cookies.  They are very dense, almost cake like.  They have different flavors each week. I had the chocolate chip (a young lady at church told me I was boring).  Donna had pumpkin chocolate chip. 

We looked at this week’s flavors and they looked really good.  I of course wanted the boring chocolate chip.  Donna really wanted a carrot cake cookie.  They also had a buttermilk pancake cookie and a honey bun cookie.  So, while I was out doing errands, I ordered these four on the Crumbl cookie app.  When I arrived, there was indeed a line out the door.    A young lady finally allowed those of us who used the app to come inside.  There is a digital board with names on it to tell you approximately what order in line you are.  After a bit of a wait, the young lady brought out my pink box.  She showed me what was in it for my approval.  I then headed out with my cookies.  We ate them when we got home.  Donna said they were all great.  I tried the buttermilk pancake and honey bun and they were really good. 

So, a couple of things you should note.   The cookies aren’t cheap.  Single ones are over 4.00 apiece.  If you order them in groups of four or six, they are a bit cheaper.   All they have are the six “cookies of the week” plus water or milk.  That’s it.   They also routinely run out of certain ones during the day.  They make them from scratch, so I would expect that.  I strongly recommend you get the Crumbl app.  It will tell you if a cookie is temporarily sold out.  I saw several people come in wanting the Strawberry Cheesecake cookie to find out they were sold out until they could make more.   

I am going to really watch out to not stop there every week.  It’s located close to the Wal-Mart/Kentucky Oaks Mall.  I could see me getting cookies each week.  That isn’t good for my waistline or my wallet.

Now as a bonus, I will give you a Stuart Yancy insider tip.  I am going to tell you where you can get a great chocolate chip cookie.  In fact, you can get a baker’s dozen of them for about what you pay for one Crumbl cookie.  Where might that be?  McDonalds!  In fact, when you order them through the McDonalds app, there is often a deal where you can get free fries with them since they cost more than two dollars.  What more could you ask for?   The cookies also meet with my granddaughter Lucy’s approval.  She loves going to McDonalds to get them.  Granddad makes us wait to order them until Lucy eats all her Happy Meal.  I order them on the app and Lucy loves going to the counter to get them when they call my name.

I need to stop now.  I have a strong desire for another cookie.