Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crown Me..

Several weeks ago, I started experiencing pain in one of my teeth. I kept thinking it would go away (for some reason). It kept getting worse. I started feeling it even when I ran. So, I asked Donna to call our Dentist's office (White and White Family Dentistry). I went on to work since I presumed that it would it would be several days before they could squeeze me in. I got a call from Donna at 8:25am saying that they could see me at 9 if I could make it. Of course, I said "Yes" and headed out.

Dr. Kelvin White tried various things to try and figure out what the issue was. I was sure which tooth it was. He did an x-ray and it turned out the tooth next to it was fractured. I presumed I would have to come back the next day. Even though Dr. Kelvin was very busy (Dr. Dustin Hall wasn't there), he said that I should stay and he'd take care of it. I would need a crown. I was even able to get a quote on the spot as to how much I would have to pay (after insurance), I didn't even have to leave the dentist's chair. Dr. Kelvin spent the next couple of hours running between breaks of other patients do all the work to get my tooth ready for the crown, take an impression for the permanent crown, and put on a temporary crown. Dr. Kelvin and his assistant kept apologizing for taking so long. I was so grateful for them working so hard to take of me as quickly as they could. I went back to work after I was done.

The next day I went in to work, but by mid-day, I was hurting pretty bad. Dr. Kelvin had thought this might happen so he'd given me a prescription for pain-killers and an antibiotic. Donna filled those for me and I came home and took them. After a couple of days, all the pain was gone. During those next weeks, I had to be careful not to crunch anything hard on the temporary crown and to be careful when flossing. I had no problems at all.

I went back a couple of days ago for the permanent crown. I expected some pain when the temporary one was removed. Literally before I could think about it, Shae said "OK it's off". In less than thirty minutes, Dr. White and her had my new crown on and I was on my way. I had to wait a few hours to eat, so I had a chocolate milkshake for lunch. As always, Dr. White and his staff took great care of me.