Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Time to "fess up"...

Well, I have to admit something today. Something I've always taken care of for years, I didn't do yesterday. I didn't VOTE.

I've gone to the polls to vote for years. I just don't miss it. I am registered Democrat even though I am not in any way favorable to their platforms. In the state of Kentucky (especially in this end), all of the local races are on the Democratic ticket. The primary elections decide the local offices. There might be token Republican opposition in the November election, but they never win. So, I had offices to vote for (jailer and magistrate) besides the Senatorial primary to decide the two candidates to run in November to take retiring senator (and MLB Hall of Famer) Jim Bunning's seat. I just simply didn't make the effort. It's been all over the news about Rand Paul's victory in the Republican primary. "Cussin" Jack Conway narrowly took the Democratic race. It'll be an interesting campaign.

I am always the one who says "You can't complain if you don't vote" or "That is one of the great things about America and you should never pass on it". There's no good excuse (and that's all it'd be). I'll take my crow medium well..

Friday, May 7, 2010


Adam Faughn's blog post reminded how much I love this song and the video. There are a few too many Yankees and Brooklyn Dodgers in it for me, but there is a good shot of Stan and brief shots of Lou and the Gashouse Gang. BTW, the young man in the picture is the "brown-eyed man" mentioned in the song.