Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kentucky Wildcats

The Kentucky Wildcats are highly ranked and are having one of their best seasons in years. They are a lock for getting an NCAA tournament bid after not getting in last year. They are eagerly awaiting a game with highly ranked Tennessee. But, I but you didn't realize I am talking about the WOMEN's team.

The women's team is now ranked 17th in the country with a stellar record of 20-3. Matthew Mitchell has coached this team to 2nd place in the very competitve SEC. Victoria Dunlap is being mentioned as a possible SEC player of the year. But, with the great season the men are having, the women's team isn't getting much publicity. They haven't has this good of a team in years.

When I was at UK from 1981-1983, UK had excellent women's teams (they were called the Lady Kats then). I used to see several of the players at the cafeteria at Blazer Hall when I ate dinner. They were not thronged like the male players were of course (Melvin Turpin, Sam Bowie, Jim Master, etc). They were congenial and would talk to anybody. Lea Wise was one of the guards, she was easy to spot with her blonde Farrah Fawcett hair-do. Her running mate was PJ Hedges. Their top scorer was Valerie Still. She was the younger sister of all-time UK football defensive great Art Still (the 2nd pick in the 1978 NFL draft). She is the actual answer to the trivia question "Who scored the most points in their UK basketball career?". Most people answer "Dan Issel". They were actually ranked #4 in the nation my junior year. They lost to eventual National Champion Louisiana Tech in the Elite Eight.

They play Tennessee in a couple of weeks. UT is to women's basketball what UK is to men's in the SEC. Pat Summit has coached them for over 30 years winning numerous SEC championships and NCAA titles. She has the most NCAA wins as a basketball coach (not that obnoxious guy who used to wear those red sweaters). They've already named the court after her at UT ("The Summit").

It's nice to see other sports excel at UK (football, women's basketball, not to mention gymnastics, soccer, baseball and even softball)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Krispy Kreme

Anybody who knows me, knows I love Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I've been known to go across multiple lanes of traffic when the "hot light" is on. If we go to a town that has one, I have to go get some. Fortunately for my weight, the closest one is in Evansville.

Well, that was the case until a few days ago. While exiting I-24 and heading toward WKCTC, I noted what you see above on the marquee for the gas station across the street from the college. I had just resolved to try and drop a few extra pounds I seem to have accumulated over the winter and there this is. I thought "OK, I never stop at that gas station any way, I can resist that". Then yesterday, Donna called me from Supervalu to tell me "They have Krispy Kreme doughnuts now". They of course had my favorite - the chocolate frosted creme filled. She asked if she should get some and of course I said "Yes".

I eagerly rushed home from work and had not one but two. I was hoping they might be stale but alas they tasted great. Jonathan had one too and Donna said "I thought those might last a couple of days". My answer was "You're kidding, right?" We've already talked about her NOT bringing home a half-dozen box every week.

We'll see how good I am at resisting temptation over the next few weeks...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why They Gotta Mess with Stuff???

I was doing my morning perusal of and came upon this a few days ago. Monopoly is releasing its 75th edition. It uses credit cards and it replaces the game pieces with colored tabs. And the board is going to be round??? I've played Monopoly for close to forty years. I cannot imagine anyone changing one of the all time classics. I've played Monopoly for close to 40 years. Josh, my nephew Adam, and I have a family tradition of playing a game every time we get together for a holiday. Other players drift in and out, but we three always have a game.

Credit cards instead of money? What does that teach? That borrowing money instead of paying cash is better? Especially in buying real estate? Obviously, these guys don't listen to Dave Ramsey. How do you handle having the fines pile up in the center of the board til someone hits Free Parking? What about the satisfaction of having a pile of 500 dollar bills? I'm always the banker when I play, what happens to that? I even stay the banker if I get bankrupted.

Colored tabs for the game pieces? One of the cool things about the game is the varied game pieces. I was the dog for years until Josh started playing and wanted it. I gave it up and have been the top hat ever since. My nephew Adam is always the race car. Whenever the game is brought out, those three pieces are always brought out immediately. Nobody ever tries to usurp those.

And a round board? What's up with that? Next thing you know, they'll try to change the shape of the Pentagon.

I've got a battered Monopoly game that actually has the wooden houses and hotels that Donna got me years ago. I guess I'll be hanging on to that one now til it rots away.

By the way, the post title comes from this (One of the few Hardee's commercials that I don't automatically turn off). Jonathan says the I'm the old guy of course.