Saturday, June 17, 2023

Mr. Yancy's Wild Ride


Since Denver beat the Lakers when I was there to go the NBA Finals, I felt like I just had to go to Denver.  I got my hotel room with no problem.  The next step was to find a flight to Denver on short notice.  After quite a search, I found a reasonably priced non-stop flight from St Louis to Denver.  I got my ticket to game five in Denver so I was all set. 

My drive to St Louis went fine.  I got a notification that again (like my trip to Los Angeles) was going to be late by an hour.  I had debated parking in the economy lot or the cheapest lot I could get and walk to the terminal.  I went with the economy lot.   I had to wait a bit.  A shuttle bus came by.  There were so many of us waiting it couldn’t hold all of us.  The driver apologized profusely.  She told us they had trouble hiring drivers.  I still got to my gate in plenty of time.   The hotel I had a reservation at had free dinner.  Since I was late, I was going to miss that.  So, I got on chat with the airline (United) and asked for compensation to be able to eat at the airport.  They gave me two 20.00 vouchers they I got supper and some snacks with.

The flight to Denver started off well.   About thirty minutes in, an announcement came in that we had to make a landing in Kansas City.  It turned out that there was a smell of smoke on the plane.  So, we had to land to see what it was.    We were greeted was snacks and were eventually given a 20.00 meal voucher (my third of the day).  After over three hours waiting, the maintenance crew decided the issue was just an exhaust fan.  So, we got to leave.  I will say the Kansas City airport is a very nice new airport.  I’ll probably never be in it again though since I can drive there in six hours. 

We got to Denver about five hours after we were supposed to.  I walked to the hotel shuttle area to wait.  After about an hour, I called the hotel to see where the shuttle was.  It turns out, it only picks up at the west terminal and not the east.  Guess where I’d been waiting?  I finally found my way to there and got on the shuttle.  I made it to my hotel about midnight.

What an adventure!  Fortunately, the Nuggets won game five (and their first NBA Championship) which made the whole ordeal worth it.  Going back, we had to wait a while for economy shuttle.  It made me really consider parking in the more expensive walk up lot next time.  I’m flying out of St Louis in July.  Hopefully it goes better.