Friday, October 7, 2011

Run for the Border...

Donna and I were at the church building working to get all the powerpoint slides (songs and lessons) ready for the Central Ladies Day. Jonathan was there mowing. After we got done, we decided to grab something for dinner. After some discussion, we decided to go Taco Bell.

Taco Bell is one of our favorite Sunday after church food destinations. They give discounts on tacos on Sunday and cleverly call this Taco Sunday. I usually think of Taco Bell as the epitome of inexpensive food. We ordered a standard amount of food and I was a bit surprised to find that our total was over 18.00. I started looking and found that tacos were now 1.09 apiece. They even had some burrito value meals that were more than 8.00! It's funny how you get certain things stuck in your head for years about what things should cost. For example. it took me a long time to not think a hotel room that cost more than 100.00 a night wasn't outrageous. This doesn't mean that we won't ever go back but I'll certainly give it more thought next time.

We did go to the Dollar Tree to grab some candy for dessert. Jonathan and I had fun playing with the cheap toys. I grabbed a light saber and held it to his face saying (of course) "Luke, I am your father". We also played with the plastic armor (which was of course too small for us). We finally got back to the church building. April had just arrived from college and of course Jonathan abandoned us immediately.