Saturday, September 7, 2019

Review - Frosted Chocolate Cupcake Pop Tarts

I really enjoy a sweet snack. One snack I didn’t usually eat was Pop Tarts. Kellogg’s came out with Pop Tarts in 1964 but I don’t remember us ever buying them when I was a kid. I had a fellow system admin when I worked at USEC who ate them just about every day (Skip Hancock), but I was never really tempted to try them. At some point in the last few years, I got turned onto Cookies and Cream Pop Tarts. These are fantastic. The only issue is a package of two has 380 calories. A few years ago around Valentines Day, Kellogg’s released Red Velvet Pop Tarts. These were equally fantastic. Alas, I have not seen them since. I look every year around Valentines Day and ask my friends to do the same. Despite this, Kellogg’s refuses to reissue them :-).

A couple of weeks ago, my sister Jody posted a picture of Frosted Chocolate Cupcake Pop Tarts on my Facebook page. I love Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes. I was devasted in 2012 when Hostess went bankrupt and stopped making them. Fortunately, another company started making them in 2013. Of course, I had to find some of these and try them out. I looked at several stores I frequent with no luck. Finally, I found a box at Wal-Mart. I bought some and eagerly prepared to try them.

Donna and I toasted a couple that night to try them out. They have the neat squiggly line on them just like a Hostess Cupcake.

Unfortunately, that is where the comparison ended. It tasted nothing like a Hostess Cupcake (or any frosted chocolate cream filled cupcake I’d ever had). The cream especially didn’t taste anything like the white cupcake filling I was used to. We decided a couple of nights later to try one untoasted. It didn’t help. In retrospect (after eating a couple more), they aren’t that bad. Have you every really looked forward to something and when it finally happened, it wasn’t nearly as good as you hoped it would be? That’s what had happened to me. So, I’ll stick to my Cookies and Creams Pop Tarts.