Sunday, June 28, 2009

One is the worst number that you ever heard..

The other night Jonathan went on a date. Based on the timing (from when he got home from work), he chose "Year One" as the movie they went to see.

When he came home, he was very upset. He said the movie was terrible and made fun of a lot of good men mentioned in the Bible (Abel, Abraham and Issac) while extolling Cain and the inhabitants of Sodom. I just didn't see that coming at all in the previews. He apologized profusely to his date..

We talked for while and I let him know that it's perfectly acceptable to walk out of movie he finds objectionable. I also told him about a web site that I use and have recommended to others called This site gives very detailed information broken out by various categories. You can very easily see whether a movie is one a Christian would be able to attend or not.

It has reached the point where Donna and I rarely even go to the movies. There are just not any that we feel right going to. It's
sad but true.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wii Fit

Right before Memorial Day, Josh came to us wanting to buy a "Wii Fit". He had the money and Donna and I agreed it was OK.

I didn't think much of it for a couple of days until Josh asked me to come and try it out. The Wii Fit consists of the game CD and a balance board. First, you have to pick a Mii (this is an animated character that kinda looks like you). Then, you are weighed and the system measures how balanced and stable during that. I was surprised how non-balanced/stable I was. You are then presented with a couple of balance challenges (they vary each time you weigh in). The system then melds all that data together and gives you your Wii Fit age. Mine was absolutely awful to start with - 63!!.

You can then have four categories to choose from - Yoga, Aerobics, Srength Training, Balance Games. I started with the Yoga. I found that I was not flexible at all. You are given scores based on how well you keep your balance during the various Yoga poses. Strength training consists of basic exercises such as Twists, Push-ups/Planks, etc. You are scored on balance on some and how stable you are doing the others (the balance board measures the amount of pressure you put on it). The Aerobics has exercises like Hula Hooping, Stepping and even some runs (I do that on my own). The Balance part is more like games, but it's fun to do and would be really fun to do with younger kids.

I was skeptical of this thing at first. It actually seems to do a job of making sure you do the various exercises correctly. It certainly makes you accountable on your weight (giving you your BMI as well). You can look at charts to see your progression (or lack thereof) on your BMI/weight. If your weight goes up, it asks you to choose a reason why (snacking, late eating, over-eating, I tended to choose "I don't know").

You can set a goal for weight loss. I had a goal to get under 180 by Monday. Well, I amazingly (it's words not mine) hit my goal today. I haven't weighed that little in many years. It promptly made me set another goal so I am trying to lose 3 more pounds in a month (to get my BMI under 23).

Did it make that much of a difference? I have gotten more flexible and my balance is a bit better (but still pitiful when I do the yoga Tree Pose.). My Wii Fit age is down in the 30's (it was actually 30 today). Knowing I was going to have to weigh in and it would be recorded forced me to be more careful on my eating. For example, we went to Back Yard Burgers one night. I normally get the large double-meat burger combo, but I went with the single burger combo instead. I eat one plate of food at dinner and don't eat after that until breakfast the next day. If I could resist those new Sonic Molten Chocolate Bundt cakes, I'd be even better off (I'm glad they are available "only for a limited time").

Would I recommend Wii Fit? It costs 89.00 or so (assuming you have a Nintendo Wii). It's a lot easier doing this at home and I certainly feel more comfortable not having an audience like I would at a health club. Plus, there aren't immodestly dressed people in the game like could possibly be at a health club. You acutally see your Mii get thinner as you lose weight. The daily weighing does give you accountability. It's not quite Yoga like you'd get in a true Yoga class, but I think it's great for a beginner like me. If you are just beginning, I would recommend you at least take a look.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

I had another one of those moments in my life when I realized I am growing older.

Jonathan interviewed this spring for a summer intern job in Engineering where I work at USEC. He really didn't think he'd get the job since he's only been in college for one year. He ended up being chosen though. I was very proud of him. He did it all on his own, I didn't try to talk to anybody there about it.

His first day was last Monday. I saw him in the hall and he said he was heading out with another engineer to a project site. It's very strange to see your son working at the same place you do.

He's heard (and me too) all week that "you look just like your dad" and "you can tell whose son he is". I am sure he has this nightmare.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Doughnut Day 2009

I was reminded by a collegue that today is Doughnut Day 2009. Krispy Kreme will give you a free doughnut of your choosing today.

I love Krispy Kreme. I've been well-known to careen across multi-lanes of traffic when the "Hot Light" is on. There is one in Fenton Missouri on I-44 on the way to Six Flags that I've careened off the exit at 70mph when the light is on.

Alas, there is no Krispy Kreme in Paducah. My understanding is the guy who came up with them is from Paducah, but never opened a store here. The closest one to me is in Evansville (a 1.5 hour drive). Don't think I wasn't tempted :-).